Organization Freak

I don't know what's going on but it seems like I have become an obsessive freak when it comes to organization. When I am at home that is all I can think about. It is almost like an OCD person with washing their hands because they think they are dirty. It's so strange. This weekend I spent well over $100 (that I don't have might I mention) at Bed Bath and Beyond on organizational things such as bins, and shoe organizers, and other weird things like that. I mean come on. I am a neat freak and always have been but not this obsessively. It was like I had to go out and get this stuff or I would go crazy. It was practically all I could think about, and trust me my room wasn't unorganized to begin with. And now that I got all this stuff now I want to organize a little planner type thing with all important info in an easy to find binder "in case of an emergency". What the hell is wrong with me? lol. I'm serious, I have stayed up til 1/2 in the morning searching for templates online for personal health documents, phone number lists, bank info lists, etc. What sane 19 year old person thinks of these things? What sane 19 year old person wants to get a cat first aid kit just in case of an emergency. Does this sound like OCD/ADD to you? Probably. And it's weird that I am on a new medication. Wonder if this is worsening my mild ADD symptoms? (hey I'm not shy about my conditions, maybe one day I will actually discuss why I am not, but not today since my thoughts are too swirly).

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Jenn Brownell said...

I know exactly what you're talking about, except in my case I am not currently organized. I live with a bunch of people who simply cannot keep their crap in one spot. All day I'm putting books back on shelves, folding throw blankets and putting them back in their place, only to have someone sling them out again. Bless yourself that you don't have other people screwing up your organization!