When Ligers Attack

While walking through the maze of cars in the Stadium parking lot at school I noticed this sticker on someone's car window.

Now at the time I did not realize this had anything to do with Napoleon Dynamite (cue the "Vote for Pedro" quotes) until I did a search on Google trying to find that pic for here. I just thought it was hilarious when I saw it, I mean come on, a tiger and a lion mixed together? What an awesome combination and a funny drawing of one as well. Might I mention that I also never realized that yes, ligers actually do exist. So yes I guess you do learn something new everyday.

Real life liger:

As I was doing my little research I also came across anti-liger hate propaganda. Lol come on people.
The place where I found this even has a whole little shop filled with anti-liger "ligers suck" hate wear. http://www.cafepress.com/ligerssuck
Lol its pretty funny. Obviously its a joke, probably from Napoleon Dynamite also, which I did not see so I have no idea, or its a cop out from Napoleon Dynamite, making fun of an idea from Napoleon Dynamite since it had such a cult following. Whatever, it amused me for about fifteen minutes.

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