Bad day

I think I have become a magnet for bad days. Today started off bad from the beginning
1. Had a dream about my dad dying in a car accident.
2. Couldn't wake up
3. When I did wake up I was ten minutes late to babysit.
4. Got to babysitting late.
5. Right when the bus came to pick up Alyssa, the girl I babysit for, her dog jumps on her and leaves a nice muddy paw print. Alyssa begins to cry so I tell the bus driver that she won't be taking the bus.
6. Get Alyssa to school late also because, surprise, it took us forever to get her ready again.
7. Fall asleep once I get home and have more freaky dreams.
8. Wake up with a bad headache.
9. It's a lab day!
10. Get a higher percent deviation than I am allowed to in lab, decide to take the points off instead of repeating the lab again.
11. Discover that my MERCURY filled thermometer has broken in my lab drawer. SUPER!
12. Have to wait for Nick the stockroom guy to come and clean up my supposedly hazardous mess. This whole thing costs me $8 and I get out of lab late.
13. Get yelled at by some old guy because I made too wide of a turn in my car and apparently he thought I was going to hit him. I was so not going to. He was just a dick.
14. Get home and realize oh yay I have a history midterm tomorrow and I really don't feel like studying.

RIP mercury thermometer...you were a good thermometer the one time I used you. (this really isn't my thermometer I broke, come on, do you think I take beauty shots of thermometers? No)

So that is a list of the bad things from today. Sorry to bitch! But hey, you didn't have to read it. ;)


DrSneakyGD said...

I thought you had said $80 on the phone, and that's why I had asked you what was so special about the thing to cost $80!!! BUT it was just bad reception or something cuase I didn't realize it was only $8. GO Figure!~

Love you.

Chris said...