thank you...

So today I would like to start by thanking some prominent things in my life. They are all very abundant and oh so special to me. Here they are:

1. Final Fantasy XI
Yes, thank you Final Fantasy XI for making me extremely tired today. Not only do I blame you for ruining my last semester GPA but now you have made me exhausted! Your inticing game play roped me in last night. I could not resist the temptation of partying. Oh the fun. I beleive my total game time played is up to 30 days total. You have made me waste 30 days of my life....but it is oh so worth it. You are too addicting FFXI.

So yes, I had to thank FFXI because I stayed up like all night, which to me was like one in the morning trying to level my super cool puppetmaster job. For those of you who don't know what FFXI is, sorry. That is all I have to say, sorry to you.

Doesn't this puppet's puppety charm just lure you in? Too bad my puppet looks nothing like this one. Mine's gold!

2. Giardia
For those of you who don't know what Giardia is let me explain. It is a super little protazoan parasite that is now living in my little cat Bailey's intestines making her crap blood. Oh it is wonderful. She decides to save these little fecal presents for all around the house and not in the litter box. Let me just say it makes for some great treasure hunting.

I found out today from my vet that Bailey has this Giardia stuff which is just super because they can spread to other cats and HUMANS! Lovely! This is great because who plays and pets the cats most? Who probably deals with their crap the most? Oh yea?! That would be me! Basically Giardia has a season pass to my intestines now. I swear if I get this Giardia parasite I am gonna be pissed. Mark my word.

Apparently this is what is happening to my cat. Sweet.

Yumm, don't those just look delicious?

Alien invasion of your intestines!

Here's Bailey infecting my workspace now.

She's pissed at the Giardia...Me too Bailey.

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