Working :(

Today was my first day at work in over a month. It was very depressing to go back. The only cool thing was that Tamara was back at work. I haven't seen her since she had her baby two months ago. I missed her a lot while she was gone. It was her first week back too and already she is being surrounded by the drama of my workplace.

It's so sad. I love my job so much. I am a medical assistant and secretary for a Dermatologist's office in case you didn't know. I just hate the trash I work with (except for Tamara). It really degrades us to work with certain people there. If it weren't for the money I don't think I would be there. I need a weekend! Thankfully I only work there on Saturdays. But still, its a waste of my life. They don't even pay well. I work for the most retarded department in our medical group and all of the other departments hate us and look down to us and make fun of us because the people in our department are stingy, cheap, annoying, don't care about anyone but themselves, don't do any work, and are just generally complainers. Thankfully I am one of the few they like.

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Chris said...

works a bitch, thats why i quit my job

the worst thing you could have in a job isnt shitty coworkers so much as incompetent and asshole bosses